How Should You Maintain Your Cooling Towers?

Understand How to Properly Maintain Your Cooling Towers in New York City

Ask us about cooling tower water quality compliance laws in New York City

You can't afford to let your cooling towers get dirty. Local law requires business owners to clean and maintain their cooling towers. Cooling Tower Dip Slides, Inc. in Howard Beach, New York will make things easy for you by providing you with a heterotrophic plate count test kit. This way, you can test the water yourself and hire us to clean them, if needed.

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What are your responsibilities as a business owner?

The state is crystal clear on what you need to do to adhere to cooling tower water quality compliance laws in Howard Beach, NY and beyond. You need to have your cooling towers:

  • Registered with the city
  • Inspected by a licensed professional
  • Cleaned as often as necessary
  • Maintained regularly

Routine maintenance is important to help protect the city against legionella, a disease found in water systems. New York City alone gets reports of hundreds of legionella cases each year. Be part of the solution by testing and cleaning your cooling towers.

Trust us to help you keep up with cooling tower water quality compliance laws. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our team members.